Dance Apparel – What to Wear to Dance Class

If you are new to dance, you may be wondering what in the world you should wear to class.

Well, to make it easy, it’s always best to check out a class in advance to see what other students are wearing. Also, note that many studios have dress-code policies so be sure to ask about this before arriving for class.

Now, if you are in a rush and can’t do any research in advance, I have two words of advice for you:

Wear black!

If you want to fit in and look like a dancer, do not wear prints, bright colors or loud clothing to your first class. Choose dance apparel that is black. This is the color of choice for most dancers.

Why? It’s slenderizing. Plus, it hides dirt and perspiration stains. And by wearing black, you can worry less about what you are wearing and concentrate on your dance moves.

And unless you are taking a Hip Hop class, stay away from baggy clothing. The instructor will want to see the line of your body when you dance. And if you have long hair, make sure it is pulled back away from your face.

You want to wear something that makes you feel confident and allows you to move. Here are a few, dance apparel suggestions:

Dance Apparel For Women:

  • Leggings, Jazz Pants or Long shorts
  • Tights with shorts (or a short skirt for ballet)
  • A leotard or sports bra
  • A t-shirt or fitted top
  • A dark sweatshirt tied around your waist
  • Thin socks/possibly leg warmers for ballet

Dance Apparel For Men:Â

  • Running pants or jazz pants
  • Dark colored shorts
  • A t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Black socks

Remember, you want to be able to focus on your dance instruction and avoid being distracted:or distracting others with your dance apparel choices.

What about Dance Shoes?

If you are going to your very first jazz or Hip Hop class, it is usually o.k. to wear running shoes. You can ask the instructor what type of shoes you should buy after class. However, if you are attending your first ballet class, purchase a pair of ballet slippers. Most ballet instructors will not let you take class if you are not wearing the appropriate shoes.

And if you are planning to take both jazz and ballet classes, you might want to purchase a pair of black jazz shoes. It’s not a good idea to wear ballet shoes to a jazz class. They show off the placement of your feet and do not always give you the support you need for various, jazz dance moves. (Plus, everyone in class will know you are new because only new people wear ballet shoes to jazz class.)

For tap class, you will need to discuss your footwear with the instructor prior to attending class. Obviously, you won’t know whether or not you like tap unless you try it with the appropriate tap shoes! (If not, you can always sell your shoes online or give them to a needy dancer.)

When starting out, check your local area for less expensive footwear. Then, once you figure out the shoes you want, you can spend your money on higher quality dance shoes. Your instructor can provide suggestions.

Note that most dancers are always in search of the perfect shoes. Or, they find the perfect fit and wear the shoes until they fall off their feet! It comes down to a matter of personal choice and comfort.

Forget about it and have fun!

If you are just starting out in dance, you may be overwhelmed with the dance apparel and footwear choices available. To save yourself time and money, conduct some research in advance.

Check for studio dress-policies and what other students wear to class. Also, start with less expensive, dance apparel and footwear choices. This way, you can figure out what clothing and footwear choices work best for you. And if you end up disliking a class, you won’t be out a lot of money on shoes or clothing that you will never wear again!

There are always new, dance apparel and footwear styles coming out. And it may take you some time to find what works best for you. Keep an eye on this site as we’ll be adding more information about this in the future.

In the meantime, try not to worry about what you’re wearing. After all, dance is supposed to be fun!


16 thoughts on “Dance Apparel – What to Wear to Dance Class

  1. I wear dance shoes for jazz, but because I have no time to change between classes.

    Also, for dance, I suggest (for ballet) that you wear a ballet stocking (white or a light pink) with feet, a dark pair of short shorts made for dance, a dance suit (the one piece type thing) and the shoes. It is easy to dance in!

  2. I’m glad that you mentioned about doing research on your dancewear before buying anything. It makes sense that you should take your time to be sure what you choose is what you like and is made of quality materials. My daughter is starting a dance class next week, so I will be sure to take my time and choose her dancewear carefully.

  3. This is what I usually wear
    Sports bra
    Leotard if you need to wear one
    Loose shirt
    Black leggings
    Black Nike socks

  4. Hi Nick,

    Ask the instructor if it’s o.k. If it’s your first class, it should be o.k., but you’ll need to get the appropriate shoes later on so you can point and stretch your feet correctly. I hope this helps!


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