Dancing in Dance Competitions? What You Need to Know

Are you involved in dance competitions? There are many reasons studio owners and teachers take part in these showcases of talent. For example, they may want to have their dancers:

  •  Keep skills at top levels;
  • See what other dancers and studios are working on throughout the country (or world);
  • Take home a trophy; or
  • Just have fun.

A Few Reminders for Your Upcoming, Dance Competitions

Dance competitions are a great way to learn new dance steps and “pick up”new choreography and ideas for annual recitals and performances. However, if you attend a competition, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Focus.

It can be a blast to hang out with your dance friends in a new city, but it’s important to stay focused. Remember, you are there to learn something about dance.

While there can be many distractions, concentrate on your performance and see what you can learn from watching others too!

  • Stay positive.

While it can be easy to talk about your competitors, hang out in clicks or ignore some members of your team during various, dance competitions. Don’t do it! You’ll get more out of the experience if you stay positive.

After all, why would you want to waste time on negative comments and behaviors when you could be spending that time learning from new choreographers and dancers?

In addition to upgrading your skill level, most dance competitions give you an excellent opportunity to learn more about yourself (How do you handle stress? How do you perform under pressure?).

But if you have a bad attitude, you may miss a valuable lesson that can make you a better dancer or even a better person. And who knows? A judge may hear your inappropriate comments or behavior and give you a lower, overall score!

  • Try to relax.

I know. This is often easier said than done. One way to avoid stress at dance competitions is to be prepared. Know your routines backwards and forwards, keep your body warm and stretch accordingly.

To calm down, try deep breaths and listen to your favorite music. Also, ignore any negativity around you. This way, you’ll stay in a pleasant frame of mind, and your muscle memory will by more likely to work for you when it’s time to perform.

  • Stick to healthy foods and drinks.

When you’re nervous or on a trip away from home, it can be easy to let your good nutrition-habits slide. But when you’re competing, it’s more important than ever to eat the right foods and have the energy you need to perform!

With this in mind, take healthy snacks with you, or stop at a grocery story near the competition. Stock up on fruits, granola bars, nuts, and other, energy foods. You may want to take some Vitamin C tablets with you too. Also, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and avoid sugary or caffeinated beverages.

You may be stressed out and tired from jetlag. Why not fuel your body with healthy foods so you can give your best performance possible?

Whether this information about dance competitions is a good reminder or new news to you, it’s a good idea to follow these points even when you’re not competing.

After all, we could all be more focused, positive, relaxed, and health every day, couldn’t we?


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