What Not to Wear to Dance Class

Learn what not to wear to dance class

by Melanie Rembrandt on January 25, 2011

You are about to attend a brand new dance class and have checked “What To Wear to Dance Class.

Well, there also some things you should avoid wearing to class.


They can be stolen, get in your way while dancing or bother other people.

With this in mind, here is a list of the top 10 things to avoid wearing to dance class:

What Not to Wear to Dance Class


  1. Anything worth a lot of money
    You don’t want your stuff to disappear, do you? Things get stolen at studios all the time.
  2. Watches, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry that can come off
    Do you really want to slip on your necklace or hit someone in the eye with
    your earrings?
  3. Bulky clothes that don’t show your legs, arms and body placement
    Trust me. You’ll have a better class when the instructor,
    and you, can actually see what your body is doing. Now, if it’s a Hip Hop class,
    you can get away with more bulk!
  4. Hair accessories or glasses that can fly off when you turn or jump
    Ensure your hair and glasses will stay in place throughout the entire class.
  5. Anything you can catch on your feet or arms while moving
    Have you ever tripped over a long pant-leg or leg warmer? It’s not pretty.
  6. Perfume or strong scents
    Ew! Not everyone wants to smell your “Passion Peach Pizzazz”cologne!
  7. Body lotion
    If it gets on the floor, you’ll have a slippery mess on your hands.
  8. Shoes that will mark the dance floor
    The studio owner will not be happy if your shoes make big,
    black marks on the dance floor. Keep your street shoes off the
    dance floor too!
  9. Socks, pants or clothes that you want to keep clean
    You’re going to be sweating and rolling around on a dirty floor. Do
    you really want to have to worry about your clothes getting dirty?
  10. Shirts advertising another dance studio!
    It’s not cool to promote another studio while you are taking class somewhere
    else. Leave shirts from the competition at home!

If you are brand new to dance, this list will help you avoid wearing the wrong things to class and start things on the right foot with the instructor and other students.

 And most important, you’ll be able to focus on learning and get the most out of class possible.


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