What is the Rosin Box?

You just started taking dance class and noticed that there is a box in the corner with a white substance in it.

What is it?

Well, it’s the rosin box, and you’ll find it in most dance studios that have wooden floors.

Basically, the dance studio owners will place yellow, rosin crystals (which come from the sap of pine trees) into the box.

Then, when you step on the crystals, they turn into a white powder that coats the bottom of your shoes.

And for new dancers, there are a few things you should know about this box:

  • Step in it only if you want to make your shoes sticky.

If you accidentally step in the rosin with barefeet or socks, your feet will get sticky. And I highly advise that you stay out of it when wearing tap shoes on. You’ll coat your taps, and you will not be able to produce clear, tap sounds. (To remove rosin, try using ethyl alcohol.)

  • Get in and get out quickly so the next person can use the box.

When you use the rosin box, step in it with one foot and turn the ball of your foot (for ballet and jazz shoes) to coat that shoe’s sole and then do the same with the other.

You do not need to stand there for a long time chatting with friends and rubbing your shoes back and forth. It only takes a few seconds to get the appropriate amount of rosin on your shoes.

And note that you’ll probably need to use the rosin several times throughout class so it helps if you can coat your shoes quickly. (Your fellow dancers will appreciate your speed so they can use the box too!)

  • Manage the rosin on your shoes.

Be aware that as soon as you step out of the box, you will have a lot of rosin on your shoes. And as you walk away from the box, you’ll deposit a trail of the rosin behind you all over the dance studio. With this in mind, pay attention to
where you walk so that you are not getting the rosin on other people:or their property.

  • Avoid tripping on the box.

Most rosin boxes have a lip on them to keep the rosin in the box. This makes it very easy to trip in or out of the box, especially when you get a lot of students around the box waiting to go across-the-floor, listening to the instructor or actually dancing in a crowded dance class.

Please remember this. After all, it’s no fun to trip over the box and hurt your body:or your pride.

Now, you know.

Well, that gives you a brief review of the mysterious rosin box in the corner of the dance studio. After a few classes, you’ll figure out exactly how much you need on your shoes to feel more secure on a slippery floor. For more information on taking a dance class, check out: