Dancer Time Management

As a dancer, you must spend hours practicing your craft. But if you have a job, are going to school, participate in various hobbies and organizations, etc., it can be difficult to find the time to get everything done and keep dancing.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you with your dance career…

Dancer Time Management Tips

1. Make a List.

Take a few minutes and write down where you are spending your time. You may be surprised at how many hours you waste watching television, surfing the Net or talking to friends on the phone, instead of dancing or accomplishing necessary tasks.

2. Set Dancer Priorities.

Once you know where your time is going, figure out which activities are most important to your overall goals. Create a schedule for each day with 30-minute increments, and write down all of the things you need to do each day in order to be a better dancer (and get all of your chores done too).

Also, look at the big picture and set goals for what you want to accomplish each month and year, and be sure to include these activities in your calendar.

With a schedule, you’ll know what you need to be doing and when. You’ll be able to track your time and be more productive. And if you have trouble sticking to your schedule, create a support group of friends and family members to help you stay on track.

3. Find Extra Time.

If you are still having a difficult time fitting everything in for your dancing career, look at working later at night or getting up earlier in the morning. Perhaps, you can get to the studio an hour early and get some dancing in before class begins? It’s usually quiet at these times, and you can get a lot done with these extra hours.

Now, if you simply can’t get everything done necessary to become the dancer you want to be, check into getting outside assistance. Maybe someone can help you with housework, laundry, gardening, babysitting, administrative duties, etc.? You can find interns, virtual assistants or college students at a lower fee. It may cost extra to hire someone, but it is well worth it for the extra time.

Another possibility is to be creative and thing of a trade situation. Perhaps, you can baby-sit in exchange for someone taking care of your gardening. “If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Your Focus on Dancing is Key.

It takes many hours of practice to become a good dancer or performer. Because of this, you may need to minimize, or even give up, some of the fun things you like to do in order to spend time dancing.

While this may be difficult, it will help you focus and reach your goals faster. The world of dance is rewarding and fun, but at the same time, it takes hard work and some sacrifice to make it to the top. But if you are dedicated and use your time wisely, you can experience all the joys of a dance career!

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