How to Improve Your Dance Turns

If you are having trouble with your various turns in dance class, here are a three quick things to keep in mind before you start turning:

1. Check Your Body Placement.

Are your arms and legs where they need to be?

Make sure you have the right plié (or bend) in your legs, that your feet are not too close or too far apart, and that your arms are in the right position for your preparation.

Then, when you turn, check to make sure your standing leg is straight. It can easy to bend it while turning.

Also, make sure that your other foot is in the right place in front of, or behind, the knee of your standing leg (depending on the turn you are doing). Concentrate on your dance technique, and your turns will improve dramatically.

2. Choose Your Spot.

Before you start turning, know which direction you want to face. If you are doing a turn across the dance floor, pick a spot to focus on that is just above your eye level.

This will help keep your body upright and your eyes upward. Then, be sure to keep your eyes on your spot when you’re turning so you don’t get dizzy.

3. Start Small.

When working on multiple turns, start with singles. This way, you will learn the appropriate body alignment, spotting technique and dance posture for perfect turns. Then, you can move on to multiples and avoid bad habits.

If you start multiple turns and are spinning without control, hopping to complete several turns, bringing your foot down too quickly, or having trouble ending your turns the right way, go back to single turns. It’s important to learn how to do single turns correctly before adding on.

After all, you want a solid foundation for all of your future, turn sequences.

Practice Leads to Success!

Some people are natural turners, but it usually takes lots of practice and dedication to perfect, multiple turns and various, turn sequences.

Start small and create a good foundation for all of your turns. Learn how to dance really good single turns. Then, it will be much easier to add multiples and learn new types of turns.

Yes, this takes time and effort. But when you enjoy performing multiple turns with ease, it will make all of your hard work worthwhile!

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