What to Wear to Dance Class – 3 Quick Tips

You’re in a hurry to get out the door and to your favorite dance class.Find out what kind of dance apparel and dance shoes to wear to your first dance class here.

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If you’re really in a rush, consider these three questions:

1. How do you feel today?

If you feel confident and full of energy, wear a bright color that makes you stand out. You’ll get noticed and you’ll be dancing for an audience.

However, if you feel fat, tired and just kind of “out of it,”wear dark clothing. You’ll blend in with the other dancers. And instead of focusing on how you look, you can focus on your dance technique!

2. What will you be doing in class?

What kind of dance will you be doing?

If you’re going to a ballet class, you’ll need to get your hair away from your eyes and wear the appropriate clothes that your studio requires.

If you are taking a modern, tap, Hip Hop, jazz, or other style, you can probably wear something that represents your style.

Just make sure your teacher can see your dance lines and that you can move freely in your clothes. And don’t forget to take the appropriate shoes with you! 

3.  What is ready to go?

When all else fails, look in your closet and drawers for clean clothes! If you don’t have time to pick out the perfect outfit, just find the clothes that are ready to wear.

It’s better to show up in class wearing clean, fresh clothes than to be late. This way, you can get dressed quickly and focus on improving your dance skills.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what to wear to dance class. But if you think about how you feel, what you’ll be doing, and the clothes you have ready to go, it can be simple to prepare, get to class and start dancing!

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