Top 3 Ways Dancers Can Deal with Dance Moms

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of mail from young dancers who are having trouble dealing with their Dance Moms.

“You can’t wear that to dance class!”

“Did you practice today?”

“Are you ready to leave yet?”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Well, if your Mom is taking you to class and paying for you to learn how to dance, sometimes, things can get stressful. With this in mind, here are…

3 Ways to Deal with a Dance Mom

1. Take a moment.

Sometimes, it seems like our Moms know just what to say to make us really upset. It can be something really small but make us livid with anger.

When your Mom says something to you that just “presses the wrong button,” take a moment. Instead of responding angrily or reacting too fast, tell yourself to think about the situation.

If you just get mad and start yelling, nothing will be accomplished. Instead, try to think about your Mom. Why is she reacting this way? Try to put yourself in her shoes. Then…

2. Communicate.

Ugh! When you feel really strongly about something, you either want to yell, cry or walk away. Instead, try to have a discussion with your Mom. Sit down and quietly discuss the situation and why your Mom feels the way she does and why you feel the way you do.

It’s amazing what a little discussion can do. And if you don’t think you can talk to your Mom, talk to a mentor, family member, teacher or friend. Get whatever it is off your chest. You’ll feel better and learn how to communicate better in the process.

3. Be Honest.

When you talk to your Mom, be honest. Tell her why you want to wear a certain outfit to dance class, why you are running late, why you haven’t practiced, etc. Then, listen to what she has to say. Hopefully, she will be honest too, and you can work things out.

Professional dancers have to be reliable and responsible. Otherwise, they don’t get hired for dance jobs or move up in their career. Why not start being reliable and responsible now? And I know this can be really hard. But it’s a part of growing up. Start being honest with yourself and others. Not only will you become a better person, but you’ll become a better dancer too!

Build Your Relationship

It can be really hard to grow up with a parent you don’t get along with or understand. And when you add all of the stress of dance rehearsals and shows, the cost of dance classes and dance clothes and practice time, things can get ugly.

When you are having a difficult time dealing with your Dance Mom, take a quick look at the list above. The best way to deal with difficult times is to take a moment to think, communicate and be honest. And if you can’t talk to your Mom, and it seems hopeless, try to find someone you trust and respect to help you.

By working out problems in a calm, honest fashion, you’ll be more likely to avoid big blowouts. Plus, you’ll be able to come up with solutions both you and your Dance Mom will be happy with. And most important, you’ll learn how to be a better person… which will help you in the dance world and the real world the rest of your life.

All the best with your Dance Mom, and for more tips on having a dancer’s life, click here.


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  1. Hi Reemo,

    Thanks for your comment. Talk to your dance teacher or the owner of your dance studio and let them know you want to compete. They will let you know what you need to do to compete and the skill level you need to do so. Good luck!

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