5 Ways to Make a Bad Impression in Dance Class

If you are joining the dance world for the first time and starting a new class, here are some things to keep in mind…

5 Ways to Make a Bad Impression in Dance Class


1. Stand in the front row and block other dancers who attend class all the time.

Hello! You are not that good, and although it may feel great to block other dancers from seeing themselves in the mirror and the teacher, you are NOT doing yourself any good.

2. You take too long at the rosin box.

Get the rosin or water you need on your shoes, and get out. Other dancers need to get in there in a short amount of time too.

3. Stop asking questions.

You are there to dance. While it’s important to ask questions, don’t go overboard. If you ask too many questions, you’ll end up talking more than dancing. If you have a lot of questions, wait until after class to ask the instructor.

4. You hold others up during Across-The-Floor.

Yes, you’re new and you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s no reason to stop while you’re doing dance moves across-the-floor. Note: Other dancers are behind you, and they will run into you! Keep moving, and please stay in your lane.

5. You get in the way.

We get it. You’re insecure about your moves, but you want to get a good view of the instructor. Who cares if you run into other dancers and block them? Wrong! There is a certain place to stand when you’re in dance class. If you’re new, do not stand front and center. That’s where the people who know what they are doing stand. They also stand in back to work on their own moves. Find a place where you can see the instructor and still stay out of the way of other dancers.

Know the Rules.

The dance world is full of unwritten rules and protocols. As a new dancer, it’s important to look at your surroundings and realize where you are supposed to go. Then, as you improve your skills and spend more time at the studio, you’ll understand what you need to do to get the most out of each class and earn the respect of the teacher and the other dancers in class.

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