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Do You Have a Passion for Dance?

Are you a dancer who wants to make it big as a dancer, singer, actor, or model in Hollywood?

You’re in the right place!

Welcome to Dance Full Out®… A site from one dancer to another.

Great Tips to Save You Time, Money and Heartache in the World of Dance and Beyond

Through your input, articles, interviews with dance and entertainment professionals, audition notices, newsletters, cool products and services, valuable resources, and more, we want to help you get all of the dance information you need to make your dance dreams a reality.

(And for you dance Moms out there who need some help for your son or daughter, look no further for information you can trust.)

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You It’s Impossible. Go For It!

As dancers, we know how you feel. Dancing and performing is in your blood. You’d rather be jumping, turning, doing choreography, and performing more than anything else.

But a lot of people won’t understand your passion. You’ll hear things like:

“It’s a waste of time!”
“You’ll never make it!”
“You’re too short to be a star!”
“You need to pursue something else!”

The list goes on…., but don’t let these toxic statements get to you.

These people either care about you and don’t want to see you get hurt, or they are jealous and don’t necessarily want you to be happy!

Avoid Dance Regrets!

Ignore the negativity! After all, how will you feel on your death bed if you never pursued your dream? Do you really want to have this regret your entire life?

Well, we never have to think about, “What If?” And we never, ever regret going into show business. We met wonderful people, traveled and enjoyed unique experiences others only dream of having.

But the thing is, it’s important to approach your dance career in a smart way so that you don’t waste time or money and have a second income to pay your bills while you pursue your passion.

Time to Be a Smart Dancer.

Remember, show business is a business.

That’s what this site is for. There are many folks out there who’ll want to take your money and promise your name in lights. We want to help you avoid the bad guys, learn what to look out for in teachers, agents, producers, etc.,  and what you really need to make it as a professional dancer.

We’ll provide personal insights along with tips from top choreographers, entertainers and others in the business. But, we also need your help. Please provide your comments, send use your questions and feedback and let us know what kind of information you need. We’re here to help!

Please take a look around and let me know what you think. (And if you can help us out by clicking on some of our sponsors’ links, that would be great!)

Thanks for joining us. We look forward to helping you succeed. Happy dancing!

The Dance Full Out Team