Melanie Rembrandt, Dance Full Out CEO

I’m Melanie Rembrandt, and I created Dance Full Out® to help dancers (and their parents) get the real information they need to pursue a dance career and go for it in Hollywood. Been there. Done that.

I’m a dancer who has been through the trenches from small town Ohio to the lights of Hollywood. And like many of you, I started dancing at a very young age (3).

My Mom put me into class so that I wouldn’t be shy. And boy, was I terrible! I was the worst one in class, but I loved it!

Melanie starts dancing at age 3

And while the other mothers were pushing their children to live the life they always dreamed of, my Mom just let me dance. Over time, I practiced, got better and knew that all I wanted to do was perform. (My parents had to barter for lessons since we were on a tight budget so I didn’t take any of it for granted.)

Well, I spent my entire youth taking tap, jazz, ballet, and modeling classes in the local area. I was practicing (while other kids were playing), performing in productions at the community theater, and taking part in dance competitions… all this while working, volunteering, leading after-school activities, and studying.

But it was all worth it. I made it… and you can too!

Melanie's modeling days In addition to having some great experiences and growing up among all kinds of wonderful people, I was lucky enough to beat out over 8,000 other entries in the Miss Teenage America contest when I was 17. It was a huge thrill to be flown out to Hollywood as one of the top 12, grand finalists, be photographed in Teen Magazine, go to Disneyland, and much more. And I ended up winning the talent competition with my tap dance!

Then, I was accepted into UCLA’s prestigious School of Theater, Film and Television. My Mom and I moved out to California, and I worked my way through school. At the time, I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t get out to auditions very often. (When I did get a paying part in “42nd Street,” one of the other dancers was kind enough to give me a ride to rehearsals every night!)

Dancing in 42nd Street During my college years, I spent most of my time on campus going to class, working, studying, or practicing in the vocal rooms in the basement of the Music Building.

After graduating with honors, I got a job as a word processor, bought a car, found an agent, and started auditioning and working professionally as an AFTRA and Actor’s Equity actress. (I got my SAG card by beating out hundreds of others at an open call for “Gypsy” with Bette Midler!)

Do you really want to spend your life saying, “What if?”

Wearing an original Bob Mackie costume To make a long story short, after being ripped off by fake, production companies and acting schools, auditioning, and performing in many musical theater performances (42nd Street, Will Rogers Follies, A Chorus Line, George M!, Oklahoma!, Damn Yankees!, Scrooge, Anastasia, The Glass Menagerie, The Taming of the Shrew, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Music Man, The King and I, Right You Are If You Think You Are, You can’t Take it with You, Real World…), commercials (Robin Hood Men in Tights, Good Morning America), parts in movies and television shows (Gypsy, Kaileen’s Gift, Cast a Deadly Spell, Loch Ness, Malibu Beach Vampires, UCLA’s Coal Miner’s Daughter, Entertainment Tonight, Two on the Town, CNN, Limelight Tonight, Beverly Hills 90210…), taking thousands of dance classes (24 hours a week at the studio for almost a decade from greats like Joe Tremaine, Jackie Sleight, Fred Strickler, Michael Rooney (was his assistant for several years), Tony Coppola, Gene Castle, Robert Reed of “The Brady Bunch”, Jim Taylor, Doug Caldwell, Sally Whalen, Liz Imperio, and many more…), rehearsing for hours, teaching dance, and years of being in show business, I decided to pursue my own business, get married and make dance my side career.

Today, I’m a published author and run a successful, content strategy and PR business called Rembrandt Communications®, www.rembrandtwrites.com. Here, I help businesses increase sales, awareness and credibility with SEO copywriting and publicity activities.

Melanie Rembrandt on the set of "Kaileen's Gift"I am still dancing and active in the performing arts community here in Los Angeles. In a nutshell, I love my life, have no regrets and am ready to share all of the tips and insights I have about making it in Hollywood with you!

This site is from one dancer to another. I share your passion and truly understand all of the emotional and physical ups and downs of a dancer’s life.

Come along with me for the ride. Hopefully, I can help steer you in the right direction, avoid serious potholes and have happy travels on the road to dancing in Hollywood!

Dance Full Out Audio Producer, David Wolf

Meet Our Audio Producer, David Wolf

With extensive experience in the music industry, meet our audio producer, David Wolf. David ensures that our special, celebrity dance-guests sound great.

David Wolf started in the music business as a drummer percussionist, eventually studied film scoring and entered the music production field in the 1980’s, with the formation of Crywolf Productions, Inc., a music and audio production company.

Since 1981, Wolf composed and produced music and audio content for a diversified base of corporate and advertising clients such as Texaco, Embassy Suites, Miller Brewing, P&G, Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, McDonalds, Shaklee International, GTE, Six Flags, Borden, Texas Instruments, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Shell Oil and many more.

Crywolf Productions produced and recorded audio content for NBC, Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment, Hit Entertainment (Barney the Dinosaur), TNT, The Discovery Channel, Walt Disney Television and others.

Currently, Wolf produces Smallbiz America, www.smallbizamerica.com, a national syndicated radio feature and website venue that spotlights small business people and the many experts that help them. He lives in New Mexico with wife, Phyllis, and two sons, Dylan and Myles.