3 Dance Tips to Become a Better Dancer

Do you ever wonder why some people are such good dancers?

Do you ever admire the ease at which another student in your class pulls out a quadruple pirouette?

Well, why many dancers are just born with talent and make dancing look easy, others work hard.

Plus, they have a secret that you may not know about:they listen and apply what they learn.

Sure, this sounds very simple, but are you practicing this activity while dancing?

When an instructor gives you directions, do you listen to what he or she has to say and then use that information immediately? If not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to become a better dancer!

With this in mind, here are three helpful tips to increase your listening and learning ability:

1. Repeat the Correction.

When an instructor corrects your arm, leg or body placement while dancing, or screams at you while you go across the floor, make a note of this in your mind.

Make the correction, and repeat it to yourself. Try to remember this correction throughout class. And if you’re not sure about the movement, ask your instructor so you know what you are supposed to do with your body.

2. Write it Down.

As soon as you can, write down the correction you received in class. Practice the correct move at home so you remember it. And right before you go to sleep, picture yourself dancing the movement correctly without a problem. You’ll be surprised at how much your remember in the morning.

3. Do It!

When you go back to the studio, try to get there early and review your corrections in front of the mirror. Then, when class starts, it will be fresh in your mind. Over time, your body will go into “muscle memory”and automatically go to the right place for a particular dance move.

Become a Better Dancer Fast!

Repeat this process for every class you take, and you’ll be amazed at how much your dancing improves. After all, if you are making the same mistakes over and over without corrections, you will not get any better. Plus, your instructor may stop giving you corrections if she or he doesn’t think you are listening or using the information!

By applying this simple secret to your dancing, you won’t need to wonder why others are improving rapidly and you’re not.

Now, you have the ammunition you need to “kill it”in class and become the dancer you want to be:so practice. take instruction to heart, and go for it!


Dance Class is Not Enough

If you want to become a better dancer and pursue dance as a profession, it’s important to attend various dance classes and take from different instructors. But, just going to class is not enough.

To pass the competition and excel, it’s important to remember the corrections you receive in dance class and then work on those movements on your own.

Practice is how you fix your personal habits and become a successful dancer.

But with work, classes, school, homework, and other activities, it can be difficult to fit in the practice time you need.

Here are a few tips:

How to Find Time to Practice.

  • Stay late after dance class or get to the studio early and find an empty room.

This way, you can use the mirror and the ballet barre. You’ll also be warmed up for class when it starts. And if an instructor is wandering around the halls, you may get a few, private tips!

  • Get up earlier or stay up later.

Before you start your busy schedule and jump in the shower, practice your moves at home. If you work better in the evening, review steps before going to bed.

Once you start a specific schedule and stick to it, you’ll get accustomed to the practices, and it will be easy to follow.

  • Turn off the television and media.

How much time do you spend watching television, searching the Internet, playing video games, or chatting with friends?

It’s time review your schedule and see where you could be practicing instead of playing. If you are serious about dance, then you need to exchange some media time for practice time.

These are three, simple suggestions for finding more practice time. After all, the dance world is tough, and you need to improve your technique and learn new moves on a regular basis in order to be successful.

:so with this in mind, the next time you sit down to watch the television for a few hours, think about your competition. If they are practicing, and you’re not, don’t be surprised if they win the next audition over you!