Turn Those Resolutions Into Dance Goals

Learn to be more flexibleBe a more successful dancer this year!

Now that 2014 is in full gear, what does that mean to you as a dancer?

Yes, you know all about resolutions and how most people break them by February each year. With this in mind, why not make goals instead of resolutions?

Here are a few tips to start your year off the right way and accomplish more with your dance career:

1. Define your future.

What do you really want to accomplish as a dancer?

It’s one thing to dream about being on Broadway, dancing in a film or television show or opening your own studio. It’s another thing to write down exactly what you want and actually take action on it. Your dreams may be big, but don’t let that stand in your way.

Figure out each step you need to take to get closer to your dream. Write down goals for this week, this month, this year, and the next five years.

Set timelines and try to finish each step by each deadline. You’ll be amazed at how your dreams will start to materialize!

2. Work hard.

Well, I hate to say it, but even if you think you’re a good dancer, there is always someone better out there. Being a professional dancer is a lot of work.

You need to take dance classes, practice and study your dance technique EVERY DAY. Just dancing around your house or with friends does not count.

Don’t kid yourself. If you really want to be a dancer, you’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of you. But if you reach your goals, it’s completely worth it!

3. Go for it!

With all the work involved in becoming a dancer, or opening your own studio, the process can be overwhelming. Plus, many naysayers will tell you that you can’t do it.

If you really want to have a career in dance, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Focus on your goals and stay positive!

Being a dancer is a lot of work, and you’ve got to expect many hours of frustration, physical and mental exhaustion, pain, and negativity from others. It’s a very difficult career, but if you really want to be part of it, all of your hard work will pay off!

Now, go dance and work to be one step closer to your dreams!

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What To Wear to a New Dance Class Without Spending a Lot of Money

What to Wear to Dance Class Find out what kind of dance apparel and dance shoes to wear to your first dance class here.

Feel confident as a dancer

The summer is coming to a close, and it’s time to look at your dance schedule for the fall. If you are new to dance, you are probably excited about your future training… and a little bit nervous.

How can you deal with this excitement and nervousness?

Figure out what you are going to wear to dance class in advance.

This will remove one of your stressors and help you feel more confident in class. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, and you can concentrate on your training. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Call the studio.

Simple. Call the studio and ask the instructor what students wear to class. They may have a specific dress code so be sure to find out. And if you need something that you can’t afford, ask if they know of any students who have used shoes or used clothes you can have. They may even have some items for you in the lost and found!

2. Visit the studio or go online.

If you really want a good idea of what the students where to the dance classes you are going to take, visit the studio and look at what the dancers are wearing. Most studios have a waiting area where you can watch the classes. Not only will you be able to see the dance techniques you’ll be taught, but you can also see first-hand what the other students are wearing.

Also go to the dance studio’s website. Many times, the studios will post videos of their studio and dancers. In the videos, you’ll be able to see what the other students are wearing.

3. Visit a thrift shop, look online or call other studios.

If you know you need a certain outfit for dance class but have limited funds, visit your local thrift shops. Many times, you’ll find used dance shoes and almost new, workout clothes. The best part is, you won’t pay much, and it doesn’t really matter because you’ll just be working out in the clothes and shoes anyway!

Another way to find used dance shoes and clothing is to look online. Search for the kind of shoes and clothing you need on eBay or Amazon and see if you can’t find used or almost new clothes and shoes in your size and within your budget. If that doesn’t work, call all of the dance studios in your area and ask if they have any used dance shoes you can buy. Also ask if they have recommendations about where you can get affordable, dance clothes.

Cool Dance Clothes and Shoes are Waiting For You

Starting a new dance class can be exciting, but it can also be expensive. To cut down on your nerves, prepare what you are going to wear in advance. Also, look for clothes and shoes you can afford. Make the effort to contact the dance studio and look online for bargains. This way, you’ll find some great outfits and dance shoes to wear to class without ruining your budget. And most important, you’ll fee more confident as you start your new dance classes.

What do you wear to dance class that you love? Share your thoughts below.

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Do You Wear Dance Shoes?

There is a new trend going on at professional dance classes in town, and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Do you wear dance shoes in your jazz dance class?

In the past, the warm-up was always done without shoes so that you could warm up your feet. Then, everyone would put on their shoes for “across the floor”exercises. Afterwards, you would keep your shoes on the rest of the class for the combination.

Now, I’m noticing that dancers keep their shoes off for the entire class and dance barefoot. This is both good and bad. It’s great if you are trying to strengthen your feet, and it helps to keep you from sliding on a slick, dance floor. It’s also a necessity if you are taking a form of dance that requires bare feet.

However, if you are taking a Broadway jazz or traditional jazz class, it’s important to get used to dancing in jazz shoes. And if you are female, you’ll need to learn how to dance in character shoes with a heel.


When was the last time you saw a Broadway show or dance video where all of the dancers had bare feet?

Most shows require dancers to play a character, and that character usually wears shoes, on a hardwood floor. Also, it’s a safety feature. At auditions and on stages, the production companies like dancers to wear shoes to protect their feet.

Now, many shows require the dancers to go without shoes. But for most, big auditions and performances, they’ll require you to wear dance shoes.

With this in mind, if you are only used to dancing without shoes, you may want to start practicing with shoes. It feels completely different. Your turns, leaps and footwork will be different. And if you start auditioning, you want to know what it’s like to dance in all kinds of shoes on all kinds of surfaces.

Personally, I like to warm up without shoes and then put my shoes on to dance. They help me turn, slide my foot and more. Plus, they are essential for tap dancing!

Do you dance without shoes? Let me know your thoughts below. Also, check out this article for more information on what dance shoes to wear to dance class.


Worried About Finances and What to Wear to Dance Class?

In previous entries, I’ve talked about what to wear to dance class and what not to wear to dance class. Yes, there are certain items you must wear in some classes so you can actually do the dancing that is required (tap shoes, ballet shoes, tights, etc.), but don’t worry if you can’t wear what everyone else is wearing due to financial reasons.

And if you can’t afford the necessary items to take a class, ask the studio if they offer scholarships or have used articles in the lost and found. You can also check online and at thrift stores for inexpensive shoes and necessary items.

With this in mind, what do you do when you can’t afford to wear the latest styles in class? Think about these three things:

1. The focus is on learning to dance.

Remember, you are in dance class to learn how to dance. Your main focus should be on learning dance techniques, listening to the instructor and perfecting your movements.

You should not be focused on what you are wearing. As long as you can move the way you are supposed to in class without having your clothes get in the way, or distracting others, your dance attire should not be an issue.

2. You control your attitude.

Yes, there will always be the obnoxious student who will gossip and make fun of you when you wear something different. But that person would probably still make comments even if you wore what everyone else did. Why? That person is probably jealous of you or uses her negative comments to be more popular.

Don’t Let It Get To You!

After all, you have complete control over your attitude. And remember point number one above. Your focus should be on learning to dance, not what others are saying. Don’t waste time worrying about other people. If they make fun of you, they are not your friends. Ignore them and let your talent do the talking.

3. Things will get better.

Once you start taking more classes and improve your dance skills, you will become a better dancer. Plus, you’ll figure out how to make your budget work with your dance schedule. And eventually, you’ll start to audition and possibly make money for your dance performances.

If you are feeling down about your financial situation, the clothes you wear and the way other people treat you, realize that this won’t last forever. As long as you concentrate on what’s important – your dance training – it won’t matter what you wear or what others say. You’ll be able to enjoy your love of dance!

Find a Way.

If you really want to dance and are worried about having the right clothes and shoes to wear, don’t worry. There are ways to get around the financial issues involved with taking dance classes. Check out this article on how to dance for free for tips. Begin your dance training, focus on your instruction, and things will work out!


What to Wear to Dance Class – 3 Quick Tips

You’re in a hurry to get out the door and to your favorite dance class.Find out what kind of dance apparel and dance shoes to wear to your first dance class here.

If you are trying a new dance style, or just don’t know what to wear, take a look at:

What to Wear to Dance Class

What Not to Wear to Dance Class

If you’re really in a rush, consider these three questions:

1. How do you feel today?

If you feel confident and full of energy, wear a bright color that makes you stand out. You’ll get noticed and you’ll be dancing for an audience.

However, if you feel fat, tired and just kind of “out of it,”wear dark clothing. You’ll blend in with the other dancers. And instead of focusing on how you look, you can focus on your dance technique!

2. What will you be doing in class?

What kind of dance will you be doing?

If you’re going to a ballet class, you’ll need to get your hair away from your eyes and wear the appropriate clothes that your studio requires.

If you are taking a modern, tap, Hip Hop, jazz, or other style, you can probably wear something that represents your style.

Just make sure your teacher can see your dance lines and that you can move freely in your clothes. And don’t forget to take the appropriate shoes with you! 

3.  What is ready to go?

When all else fails, look in your closet and drawers for clean clothes! If you don’t have time to pick out the perfect outfit, just find the clothes that are ready to wear.

It’s better to show up in class wearing clean, fresh clothes than to be late. This way, you can get dressed quickly and focus on improving your dance skills.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what to wear to dance class. But if you think about how you feel, what you’ll be doing, and the clothes you have ready to go, it can be simple to prepare, get to class and start dancing!

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