Dance Moms – Did the Dance Teacher Yell at You?

Out of Line Yelling in Dance Class

Recently, I received a message from a Dance Mom who had a question. Basically, a dance instructor yelled at her for taking her three-year old daughter out of class to use the restroom.

Has a dance teacher yelled at you and you thought it was out of line?

If so, here’s what I told the Dance Mom…

“Did you already sit down with your daughter’s teacher and discuss this situation with her in a calm manner?

Start with a calm communication and try to work things out. While your daughter should know the rules at the studio and try to follow them as much as possible, teachers should always allow young students to go to the bathroom when they need to (usually, they just ask the instructor if they may use the restroom). The rules are different for older students, but your daughter is only three years old.

If the instructor gave you a difficult time about this situation, even after discussing it with her, it’s time to look for a different instructor. A dance class for young students should have rules but also be fun. This way, the children can learn and still enjoy themselves.

Also, if your daughter felt badly about the situation, she may become more insecure in class and afraid to talk to her instructor. This is not good for the learning process. In addition, the instructor may treat your daughter differently now too.

There is no need for an instructor to yell loudly at a parent in a dance studio when young children are around (even if you see it on the show, “Dance Moms” all the time!). It’s immature and unprofessional. The instructor should have quietly spoken to you on the side of the room. After all, this whole situation probably upset the other, young students in class, and they are there to have fun!

Right now, it’s important to find a class that your daughter enjoys where she can have fun and learn some basic, dance moves. Otherwise, she won’t want to go to class anymore, and she’ll miss out on the joy of dance. After all, I was the worst one in my class at age three, but I had so much fun, I kept dancing into adulthood.”

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Dancers, A Six-Letter Word to Use in Dance Class

Will you say it today?

The holidays are coming, and that means you are probably preparing for “Nutcracker” and year-end performances.

Your life will get hectic with long rehearsals, extensive dance-classes, costume fittings, and school work… not to mention the activities you have planned with family and friends.
But while all of this is going on, there is something very important to remember… the little word with big results –


– Keep a thankful attitude.

When things get tough during dance classes, auditions or at rehearsals, give yourself a break. Remind yourself how lucky you are to be able to dance, and be thankful that you are healthy enough to move around.

– Send a thank you to the people who help you.

Take a moment to write a thank-you note to your teachers, parents, friends, and others who provide support and encouragement so that you can do what you love to do… dance. And while an e-mail is nice, a handwritten note means so much more.

– Offer a surprise treat.

If you are getting ready for a big rehearsal, take some healthy snacks or drinks to the dance studio to share with your fellow dancers during a break. It will be a nice surprise for them and show your appreciation for their collaboration and hard work.

A simple “thank you” goes a long way!

During this holiday season, it can be easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to dance.

When things get rough during rehearsals or class, remember to have a thankful mindset, and make a special effort to thank those around you who support your dancing.

Giving thanks is a simple thing to do, but it can mean a lot. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t help make your busy day a little better!

And with that, I’d like to say “Thank You” for reading this blog!

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How to Deal with Dance Gossips

You know who they are… the dancers who love to spread gossip…

“Did you hear what Sallie said about Mary?”

“Did you hear what John said to Sue?”

“Guess what happened in class last night?”

It can be easy to be drawn into their exciting, personal news and hear about the latest events.

But don’t do it!

If you want to make true friends, take the high road and don’t be a part of gossip at the dance studio. You’ll only waste time and lose focus on why you are there in the first place… to learn how to dance!

Now, I know it may be difficult not to be part of the “popular” group at your studio and participate in gossip. But if you avoid it, there are many benefits in it for you. For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve your dance technique.

By focusing on your dance movements (rather than the latest, dance-studio news), you will improve your dance technique each week.

  • Be known as a dancer you can trust.

If one of your dancer friends is talking about someone in a negative way, how do you know that your friend doesn’t talk about you when you’re not around?

By staying quiet and refusing to gossip about others, you’ll improve your credibility. Don’t you want to be known as someone who is trustworthy?

  • Listen to what’s important.

While the other dancers are grouping together to discuss the latest gossip, you can be watching another class and learn from what you see and hear.

  • Spend your time wisely.

Instead of wasting time with the “rumor mill,” you can study professional dancers, practice a particular move you are having trouble with, stretch, or do something else that’s productive.

Is the gossip worth it?

While it may be the fun, popular thing to do, when it comes right down to it, talking about other people is just not nice. Many dancers will do this because they are insecure about themselves or their dancing. Think about this the next time someone gives you a piece of gossip. Listen, but don’t say anything negative back. Then, leave the situation and spend your time doing something that will improve your dancing.

By avoiding the gossip, you’ll not only increase your reputation as someone who is trustworthy, but you’ll also be able to focus on why you are there in the first place… to dance!

…So who do you want to be? The dancer who relies on gossip and chit chat to be popular, or the trustworthy dancer who has the focus and competitive edge necessary to be successful in today’s dance world?


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Top 3 Ways Dancers Can Deal with Dance Moms

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of mail from young dancers who are having trouble dealing with their Dance Moms.

“You can’t wear that to dance class!”

“Did you practice today?”

“Are you ready to leave yet?”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Well, if your Mom is taking you to class and paying for you to learn how to dance, sometimes, things can get stressful. With this in mind, here are…

3 Ways to Deal with a Dance Mom

1. Take a moment.

Sometimes, it seems like our Moms know just what to say to make us really upset. It can be something really small but make us livid with anger.

When your Mom says something to you that just “presses the wrong button,” take a moment. Instead of responding angrily or reacting too fast, tell yourself to think about the situation.

If you just get mad and start yelling, nothing will be accomplished. Instead, try to think about your Mom. Why is she reacting this way? Try to put yourself in her shoes. Then…

2. Communicate.

Ugh! When you feel really strongly about something, you either want to yell, cry or walk away. Instead, try to have a discussion with your Mom. Sit down and quietly discuss the situation and why your Mom feels the way she does and why you feel the way you do.

It’s amazing what a little discussion can do. And if you don’t think you can talk to your Mom, talk to a mentor, family member, teacher or friend. Get whatever it is off your chest. You’ll feel better and learn how to communicate better in the process.

3. Be Honest.

When you talk to your Mom, be honest. Tell her why you want to wear a certain outfit to dance class, why you are running late, why you haven’t practiced, etc. Then, listen to what she has to say. Hopefully, she will be honest too, and you can work things out.

Professional dancers have to be reliable and responsible. Otherwise, they don’t get hired for dance jobs or move up in their career. Why not start being reliable and responsible now? And I know this can be really hard. But it’s a part of growing up. Start being honest with yourself and others. Not only will you become a better person, but you’ll become a better dancer too!

Build Your Relationship

It can be really hard to grow up with a parent you don’t get along with or understand. And when you add all of the stress of dance rehearsals and shows, the cost of dance classes and dance clothes and practice time, things can get ugly.

When you are having a difficult time dealing with your Dance Mom, take a quick look at the list above. The best way to deal with difficult times is to take a moment to think, communicate and be honest. And if you can’t talk to your Mom, and it seems hopeless, try to find someone you trust and respect to help you.

By working out problems in a calm, honest fashion, you’ll be more likely to avoid big blowouts. Plus, you’ll be able to come up with solutions both you and your Dance Mom will be happy with. And most important, you’ll learn how to be a better person… which will help you in the dance world and the real world the rest of your life.

All the best with your Dance Mom, and for more tips on having a dancer’s life, click here.


What Not to Wear to Dance Class

You are about to attend a brand new dance class and have checked “What To Wear to Dance Class.

Well, there also some things you should avoid wearing to class.


They can be stolen, get in your way while dancing or bother other people.

With this in mind, here is a list of the top 10 things to avoid wearing to dance class:

What Not to Wear to Dance Class


  1. Anything worth a lot of money
    You don’t want your stuff to disappear, do you? Things get stolen at studios all the time.
  2. Watches, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry that can come off
    Do you really want to slip on your necklace or hit someone in the eye with
    your earrings?
  3. Bulky clothes that don’t show your legs, arms and body placement
    Trust me. You’ll have a better class when the instructor,
    and you, can actually see what your body is doing. Now, if it’s a Hip Hop class,
    you can get away with more bulk!
  4. Hair accessories or glasses that can fly off when you turn or jump
    Ensure your hair and glasses will stay in place throughout the entire class.
  5. Anything you can catch on your feet or arms while moving
    Have you ever tripped over a long pant-leg or leg warmer? It’s not pretty.
  6. Perfume or strong scents
    Ew! Not everyone wants to smell your “Passion Peach Pizzazz”cologne!
  7. Body lotion
    If it gets on the floor, you’ll have a slippery mess on your hands.
  8. Shoes that will mark the dance floor
    The studio owner will not be happy if your shoes make big,
    black marks on the dance floor. Keep your street shoes off the
    dance floor too!
  9. Socks, pants or clothes that you want to keep clean
    You’re going to be sweating and rolling around on a dirty floor. Do
    you really want to have to worry about your clothes getting dirty?
  10. Shirts advertising another dance studio!
    It’s not cool to promote another studio while you are taking class somewhere
    else. Leave shirts from the competition at home!

If you are brand new to dance, this list will help you avoid wearing the wrong things to class and start things on the right foot with the instructor and other students.

 And most important, you’ll be able to focus on learning and get the most out of class possible.