How to Prepare for Dance Academies, Auditions

If you are serious about dance and want to be part of an academy, it’s important
to prepare as far in advance as possible to increase your chances of getting into
the school of your choice. 

With this in mind, here are three tips
to help you prepare for the dance academies auditions:

1. Â Â Â  Research.

To start, conduct research online and ask your instructors about
the various academies available for your future goals.

Then, read about the different schools online or call and ask for
additional information. Find out about their policies and audition
deadlines, and ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Which academy is right for you?
  • What kind of dancers do they want?
  • Do they take dancers at your level, or do you have a lot of work to do?
  • Do they offer scholarships?
  • When are the dance academy auditions and what do they entail?
  • What are their deadlines and rules?

 By conducting research first, you will know exactly where you want to attend and
what you need to do to get ready for the various, dance academies auditions. 

2. Â Â Â  Prepare.

Once you know which academies you want to attend, create
a list of all your questions. Then, try to visit in advance, contact
current students or graduates, and watch their performances. 

If this is not possible, call the school to get more information. Look
for videos of their dancers online. Try to find out what kind of dance
styles they focus on, and look for specific steps they perform often.

This way, you’ll know what dance movements you need to practice. And
if you need to choreograph a piece for an audition, you can implement
some of these movements into your dance.

Next, create a timeline. Write down all of the things you need to do
to get into the various academies along with deadlines for each activity.

Then, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare any applications,
choreograph audition pieces, and most important, practice!

3. Â Â Â  Think Positive.

At this point, you’ve done your research, sent in a phenomenal
application and practiced for months. Now, it’s time for your
audition. You may be a little nervous, and that’s a good thing.

You can use this energy to give a better performance. After all,
you’ve done everything you can to prepare for your
audition. Now, you just need to listen carefully to the instructor
at the audition, follow directions, and let muscle memory take over.

And don’t forget to have a positive attitude and smile! It can be a
very important part of winning your audition.

Go for It!

When it’s all over with, don’t sweat it. If you are supposed to be part
of a specific academy, it will happen. If not, please don’t get
discouraged. There are many ways to have a career as a dancer, and
you may just need to take a different path to get there.

Now, if you get into the academy of your dreams, congratulations!
But remember, your work has just begun!


What Not to Wear to Dance Class

You are about to attend a brand new dance class and have checked “What To Wear to Dance Class.

Well, there also some things you should avoid wearing to class.


They can be stolen, get in your way while dancing or bother other people.

With this in mind, here is a list of the top 10 things to avoid wearing to dance class:

What Not to Wear to Dance Class


  1. Anything worth a lot of money
    You don’t want your stuff to disappear, do you? Things get stolen at studios all the time.
  2. Watches, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry that can come off
    Do you really want to slip on your necklace or hit someone in the eye with
    your earrings?
  3. Bulky clothes that don’t show your legs, arms and body placement
    Trust me. You’ll have a better class when the instructor,
    and you, can actually see what your body is doing. Now, if it’s a Hip Hop class,
    you can get away with more bulk!
  4. Hair accessories or glasses that can fly off when you turn or jump
    Ensure your hair and glasses will stay in place throughout the entire class.
  5. Anything you can catch on your feet or arms while moving
    Have you ever tripped over a long pant-leg or leg warmer? It’s not pretty.
  6. Perfume or strong scents
    Ew! Not everyone wants to smell your “Passion Peach Pizzazz”cologne!
  7. Body lotion
    If it gets on the floor, you’ll have a slippery mess on your hands.
  8. Shoes that will mark the dance floor
    The studio owner will not be happy if your shoes make big,
    black marks on the dance floor. Keep your street shoes off the
    dance floor too!
  9. Socks, pants or clothes that you want to keep clean
    You’re going to be sweating and rolling around on a dirty floor. Do
    you really want to have to worry about your clothes getting dirty?
  10. Shirts advertising another dance studio!
    It’s not cool to promote another studio while you are taking class somewhere
    else. Leave shirts from the competition at home!

If you are brand new to dance, this list will help you avoid wearing the wrong things to class and start things on the right foot with the instructor and other students.

 And most important, you’ll be able to focus on learning and get the most out of class possible.


How to Dance for Free

You love to dance and would love to take
a dance class, but you hear:

“We don’t have money for dance class.
“That’s a silly way to spend your time.
“I’m not driving you there.
“You don’t have any talent.

Are you bombarded with negativity when
it comes to your dance dreams? Please,
don’t let it get to you.

If you really want to take dance class, you will.

Don’t stop at “No.”Instead, think of
ways to move past it.

Can’t Afford Dance Class?

If you can’t afford dance classes, perhaps
you can do a trade?

Maybe you can help clean the dance studio,
handle the phones, babysit for the owner:?

Think of something you can offer (that is ethical of course)
to the studio owner that will provide value
in exchange for classes.

Many studios also provide scholarships to
deserving students. When you call to get information
about classes, ask if they offer a scholarship program, and
get the appropriate, application details.

If you just don’t know where to turn, contact the
studio owner. Explain your situation, and try to come up
with some options.

If you really have a passion for dance, you are bound to
find an instructor or studio owner somewhere who can help you.

Keep trying and don’t give up. You can always watch classes
for free, and learn this way too.

No Support from Family and Friends?

If your parents don’t want you to take class, find out

Maybe they are worried about money?
Maybe they think classes will take away from your schoolwork?
Maybe they are just negative or jealous people?!

Whatever you find out, try to reason with your parents
and let them know it is really something you want to do.

Let them know exactly how you plan to pay for classes,
handle all of your school work and practice too. If you
have an action plan in place, they may be more willing
to let you take classes.

And if you are having trouble convincing your parents,
ask a teacher, friend or other family member to help
you speak to them and prove your point.

Don’t Get Discouraged

While many dance students receive tons of support
from family and friends, you may not be so lucky.

But don’t despair! Write down the key problems in your
way. Then, think of creative ways to overcome these obstacles.

If you want to dance, you will.

Now, it may be more difficult for you than others, but your
determination and passion will make you a better dancer. Since you
want it so badly, it’s bound to show in your performance:
and think of the great stories you’ll have to tell “Oprah”
when you become a star!


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