Dance Class Etiquette Book Now Available for Dancers

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Learn the Secrets for Success from One Dancer to Another at Dance Class Etiquette by Melanie Rembrandt


Los Angeles, CA – October 23, 2017 – Introducing, “Dance Class Etiquette – Secrets for Success From One Dancer to Another®” by Melanie Rembrandt… available on Amazon at Now, everyone can learn the “unwritten rules” of the dance studio.

Once only known to experienced dancers, this simple guide published by 1Win Press® reveals the helpful tips necessary to enter the world of dance, avoid unnecessary embarrassment and become a successful dancer!

Here are some of the dancer secrets inside waiting for readers:

  • What you should never do when you walk into a dance studio;
  • Questions to ask when looking for a new class;
  • The key things to wear and take with you (on a limited budget); and
  • Where to stand, what to avoid doing at all cost and much more!

Dance professionals react to this book for dancers, novices and dance enthusiasts alike… 

“This etiquette is key to getting a dance job, and it comes from what dancers learn in class. Melanie shares her secrets so that other dancers can feel comfortable at the studio and be more successful.”

Christy Curtis Buss, Lakers’ Family Member, Celebrity Choreographer, Actress, Model, and The Studio Art of Dance Business Owner

You will save yourself many uncomfortable moments learning this information… these tasty tidbits eliminate the trial-and-error period that so many hopeful dancers experience. This is truly a treasure chest of instant information!”

Jim Taylor, Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Tap Dance Columnist, and Tap Dance Historian

Author Melanie Rembrandt is a seasoned, professional dancer who has performed in hundreds of musical theater, film and television shows.

“In Dance Class Etiquette, I share insider, dance-class secrets to help others learn more about the world of dance,” states Rembrandt. “Now, instructors can easily share this information so students know what is expected of them for a successful, dance experience and to start their careers on a positive track.”

“Dance Class Etiquette – Secrets for Success from One Dancer to Another” makes a great gift for dancers, dance instructors, dance enthusiasts, and people interested in taking a dance class.

Buy a copy now on Amazon at

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How to Become a Successful Dancer

3 Key Tips for Outside of the Dance Studio

How do you become a successful dancer?

A dance teacher can help you become a better dancer

Well, a friend of mine was telling me that she wanted to be a Rockette and that she was going to the camp this summer in New York City. When I asked her what else she was going to do to move towards her dance career, she wasn’t’ sure.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, the dance world is highly competitive so what do you need to know to become successful?

Of course, you need to train in various forms of dance and work on perfecting your technique EVERY DAY. You can bet that your future competition is in the studio practicing for hours. And while your training is key, there are also some key things you need to have in order to reach your dance goals…

3 Key Things You Need to Be a Successful Dancer (Outside of the dance studio)


1. Have a good work ethic.


How often do you think about your dance training and technique? While you may work hard at the studio on your technique, you also need to work hard at the other things in life that will make your dance training possible.

For example, how are you going to pay for your food, housing and classes in the future?

You need to do well in school and be able to get some kind of job that will pay for your “necessities” until you have some dance paychecks coming in. Work hard at school so you can find work after you graduate. Then, work on various skills pertinent to your job (social media, technology, administrative, telephone, customer service, etc.) so that you can get the highest pay possible.

In life and the dance world, you need to work hard and do the best at whatever you spend your time doing.

2. Stay healthy and fit.

While you may see your dance career as being off in the future, what would happen if you got the chance of a lifetime now to dance? Are you ready? How does your body look? Are you in good, physical condition to handle long rehearsals, performances and more?

If you want to be a successful dancer, start working on your physical condition now. You want to be at the right weight for your body type and develop your stamina and strength. This way, you will be ready for any auditions that come your way. Plus, you will be able to practice longer and harder to improve your technique!

3. Be positive.

If you look at the negative side of things and have a tendency to be jealous of others, it’s time to turn things around. The dance world is highly competitive and unpredictable so it’s important to be able to keep a positive attitude when things get tough. Also, your attitude shines through at auditions and can give you a competitive edge.

To be more positive, work on your dance technique and body so that you can be the best you can be. These goals will help you focus so you have less time to think about how others are “better than you.”

It can also help to get a supportive group of friends and family members together to help you feel better about what you are doing. And try not to be too hard on yourself. Remember, you are very lucky to be able to dance and should always be thankful for this gift.

Work on your Dance Training and More.

Being a successful dancer takes much more than talent. You need to work hard at all aspects of your life. This includes staying in the best, physical and mental condition possible. This way, you will be able to focus on your craft and be the best dancer possible. Plus, your positive attitude will help you through the rough times, help you win more auditions and make you a better person overall!

Now, what are you going to do today to start making your dance dreams a reality?

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Don’t Let Being a Great Dancer Go to Your Head!

How is your dance training going so far this year?

Well, I have an interesting story to tell you.

A few days ago, I was in a basic ballet class working on my technique. Since I had quite a bit more experience that many of the other dancers in class, I ended up being in the front most of the time.

At one point, we were doing a very simple step across-the-floor. When I finished, one of the other dancers (who was a real beginner) came up to me and said:

“You were using this foot instead of the other one. We were supposed to use this foot.”

I was a little surprised at first, apologized and said I was concentrating on getting my foot into first position as the instructor told us to do. (Actually, I was doing the step correctly and was just trying to be nice.)

I didn’t really think anything of it. But then the instructor came over to us and said,

“Well, Melanie, you dance professionally, don’t you?”

I said, “Yes.”

Then, the instructor told the other dancer that many dancers do steps differently.

Basically, in the nicest way possible, she let the other dancer know that she shouldn’t give corrections, and I knew what I was doing!

At that point, I realized that the instructor was sticking up for me, and she wasn’t going to have any negativity in class.

I have to say…

It was awesome!

Obviously, the other dancer stopped talking and went to the back of class – a little embarrassed.

So the point of this whole story is…

No matter how good you think you are, don’t let it go to your head!

You should not give corrections to another dancer unless you are an instructor, or your dance teacher has suggested you do so.

This also goes for giving directions when you are in rehearsals, doing a performance or at an audition.

Don’t do it!

This is not your job, and it’s unprofessional. It can also be super annoying to a fellow dancer, and you’ll create enemies. Plus, it can show your insecurities.

When you are in a dance class or rehearsal, you should be working on your own movements.

If you are a really good dancer, you will be so focused on your own technique that you won’t have time to critique others!

With this in mind, what dance technique are you going to focus on today?

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Bad Weather is No Reason to Stop Dancing!

How is 2014 going for you so far?

I’ve heard from many of you that you are stuck inside and unable to get to the studio due to the bad weather. I know how that is.

But, there is no need to despair!

This is the perfect time to further your dance training in other ways.

3 Ways to Improve Your Dance Technique at Home

1. Review your notes.

You know all of those notes you’ve been keeping after class? Well, now is the perfect time to review all of them.
You may see some important things that you completely forgot about.

If not, you’ll still be able to review some basics and think about how far you’ve come with your dance since you wrote the notes in the first place!

2. Practice.

Yes, even though you are snowed in, that’s no reason to avoid practicing.

Go over arm and feet placements in front of a mirror.
Stretch and work your feet.
And if you have room, practice the turns and movements that need improvement.

3. Think about dance.

It may sound silly, but if you think about how you want a particular dance move to look, it will actually help you become a better dancer.

Review specific choreography and techniques in your head. Picture yourself doing them perfectly. Then, when you get back to the studio, use those positive thoughts when you actually dance!

Snow Days Do Not Mean No Dance Days.

When the weather is horrible outside, and you can’t get to the studio, be creative.

There are still many ways you can improve you’re dancing at home.

Review notes. Stretch and practice as much as possible in the space you have available. And think about doing your dance movements the correct way.

This way, you’ll keep your body and mind in shape. And when the snow clears, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor!

What are you going to do today to improve your dancing?

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Reduce Stress with a Simple Word

Well, the year is winding down, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Many people in the U.S. love this holiday because they get time off from work to spend with friends and family, eat lots of good food and get a jumpstart on their holiday shopping.

I love Thanksgiving because of all these reasons, but there’s more to it for me.

Usually, things are crazy at work this time of year, and I spend long hours in front of my computer.

By the time Thanksgiving comes around, I’m usually VERY ready for a break (you can probably relate!). Thanksgiving gives me a time to reflect — and what else? — be thankful.

This may sound hokey, but it really inspires me to move forward with my goals. I note all of the things I’m thankful for in my life, and the stress melts away.

In fact, this works so well that I use this process throughout the year.

Being Thankful Can Help You More Ways Than You Know.

When I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed, I stop and think of ten things I’m thankful for. It helps me focus on what is truly important in my life.

Try it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mindset changes.

Suddenly, the frustration in dance class, looming tax payments, big meetings, and more seem less intimidating.

Thanksgiving is a time to thank those in your life who have helped you become the person you are today. It’s also a time to reflect on what’s important in life and all of the things you can be thankful for – and this is a wonderful thing.

So wonderful, in fact, that I think it’s wise to think about Thanksgiving every day. Thank the people around you and be grateful for what you have whenever possible.

This process will help you focus on what’s truly important in your life, help reduce stress, and show others that you appreciate their kindness!

With this in mind, I’d like to thank you for reading this blog.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!